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My purpose is helping successful individuals continue to grow, thrive and excel, through reflection, openness to change, and commitment to achieve.


About Strategic Retreats

StrategicRetreats is a leadership development and coaching firm serving individuals who strive for excellence. We offer seminars, workshops, coaching and keynotes. Unlike other leadership development firms, we retreat from day to day pressures, collaborate with successful executives and share lessons learned which can be applied immediately.

Why Retreat? Why Strategic Retreats?
By stepping away from day-to-day activity, we can help you think more creatively and intuitively about the most effective way to get things done through people. Those things may include:

  • Creating an environment where every one feels included - where they feel heard about issue that are important to them personally

  • Changing your organization's direction and culture - fostering new ways of working together
    Creating a common frame of reference for more effective decision making - encouraging appropriate risk taking

  • Dealing with conflict more constructively and effectively - finding new solutions to old problems, seeing things in new ways and envisioning a new future

With our guidance you will:

  1. Identify the most important changes you need to make to grow and thrive,

  2. Identify and prioritize actions you need to take and

  3. Create a plan to get results.

After the retreat, we will

  1. Be your coach to help you to achieve the results you want.

Retreats mean many things to many people. At StrategicRetreats it means we work with you away from your normal environment where you will be more creative and get results faster. We design and lead workshops, seminars or multi-day sessions based on your needs. We work with individuals and organizations who want to generate positive change to grow and thrive.

Peggy B. Fayfich, President, StrategicRetreats

Peggy works with organizations who want to change direction and create their future.

For over 30 years Peggy has successfully facilitated change in telecommunications, financial services, retailing and nonprofit organizations. She has effectively applied her expertise in organizational development, succession planning, coaching, recruiting and selection, mergers and acquisitions, pay and benefits, sales and fashion merchandising to help individuals and organizations navigate transitions, build on strengths and consistently achieve or exceed goals.

Peggy has the unique abilities to understand individual and organization strengths and how those strengths can translate to new situations. She provides the guidance to identify a new direction, the discipline to follow through and ways to measure success.

Currently, Peggy is working with charter schools to strengthen governance, leadership and alignment of everyday operations with vision. She is also providing strategy and process advice to a start up firm whose mission is to provide innovative and effective recruiting services.

Prior to starting her own company, Peggy was the architect and manager of a leadership and management development process for a $1.3 billion corporation that included the creation of a comprehensive university structure and senior leadership forums that effectively linked all learning and development directly to business objectives. Prior to that, Peggy led a virtual team that designed the human resources structure for a 4000 employee spin off and start up company. In all of her roles, Peggy has demonstrated the ability to assess, develop, transition and retain the right talent.

She earned her bachelor's degree in consumer service and business from Penn State University and certifications in personal and organizational change processes from the Center for Creative Leadership, Marshall Goldsmith Partners, Lominger Limited, Inc., Linkage and the Walter V. Clark organization. She also completed The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Peggy is president of the Board of Trustees for the Northside Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter School and past president of the HR Leadership Forum of Western Pennsylvania (affiliate of HR People and Strategy). She has also served as an advisor to individuals and organizations through Pennsylvania Women Work, the CORO Center for Leadership, PowerLink, Bethlehem Haven and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.


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