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My purpose is helping successful individuals continue to grow, thrive and excel, through reflection, openness to change, and commitment to achieve.


Leadership and Excellence - Lessons and Strategies
Presented by: Lee Cockerell, retired EVP Operations, Walt Disney World® Resort

You Will Learn How to Attain World-Class Results In:

  • Leadership

  • Employee Engagement

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Organization Effectiveness

  • Business Results

This seminar can change your life and the lives of the people you lead. You will leave with new common-sense ways to “think” about your leadership effectiveness and your management efficiency.

About Lee Cockerell

As Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World® Resort, Lee Cockerell had responsibility for everything at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando - 20 hotels, four theme parks, two water parks, five golf courses, a shopping and entertainment village, a sports and recreation complex, all of the support facilities and more than 50,000 “cast members.”

Lee’s commonsense, practical and extremely successful ideas about leadership built Disney World into the number one vacation destination in the world. His ideas are rapidly becoming a leadership staple in business schools throughout the world. Learn more about Lee at: www.leecockerell.com.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is charged with getting results through their individual performance or through the dedication, commitment and performance of others.

Lee’s ideas apply to any business, government or non-profit organization, and to your personal life as well.

Would you recommend this seminar to others and why? Pittsburgh seminar participants responded:

“This is a winner – Good practical info – Great “basics” reinforced.  Great  overall “life” changes-balance.”

 “Absolutely” would recommend this seminar to others because of “his  experience, he lived it, he built it and it had measurable results”

“Good fundamentals that if more people would hear and adopt – the corporate world would be a nicer more productive place.”

“No manager of people, or parent, should go without it”

“Great energy and experience.  Real examples of management ideas that work.”

From Others Who Have Worked with Lee

“I had never thought about responsibility of being a leader in all parts of my life. Thank you. This was the best session I’ve ever attended on leadership.”

“Lee is one of the most impressive leaders that I have seen in any environment…and I have seen some really good ones. Simply put, he is absolutely brilliant and his ability to communicate his philosophy of leadership in a way that can be easily embraced by others is extraordinary.”

“Lee is a powerhouse when it comes to developing and inspiring leadership in front line employees and managers.”

“Lee understands that it takes leadership to create excellence.”

“Like everything Lee teaches, this seminar is simple, but extremely powerful and effective.”

“Lee has learned these lessons in real life and brings the unique credibility possessed only by those who have toiled in the trenches and really know what works and what doesn’t.”

“Uniformly, everyone raved about Lee – his content and his style. He’s such an engaging speaker that the time flew by and we all walked away with many ideas we could immediately begin to implement.”

Learn more about Lee at: www.leecockerell.com

For More Information

Peggy Fayfich at 412- 848-7415


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Rave Reviews for Lee Cockerell's April 10th seminar:

Leadership and Excellence

"Fabulous!" "Real value!"
"Awesome! [We] need to share why leadership comes first for excellent customer service."

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Lee Cockerell,
Retired EVP Operations
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